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We are a multidisciplinary consulting firm and lab/think tank that helps people and organizations to shape better futures through the development of talent, diversity and a culture of innovation. We are a liquid, ubiquous, diverse and multidisciplinary


We help leaders and cutting-edge companies solve complex problems and make smarter, more informed decisions.


We support our partners to shape promising ideas into practical solutions

Learning and development

We help people and organizations upgrade their talent/potential to the next level and beyond, preparing future proof profiles that not only understand and adapts to change, but are capable to anticipate it.

Trends and research

We detect, collect and research global trends, scan worldwide innovation fields and use deep research to identify future-oriented technologies and potentials.


We design unique experiences that transform people and organizations, from small groups of senior managers to macroevents aimed at young talents.

Design & Narratives

We identify insights and create narratives and artifacts that mobilizes people and organizations towards better futures.


WE ARE liquid, distributed, innovative, explorers, pioneers, polymaths, creatives, caregivers, feminine, transformative, social, activists/changemakers

We are a tribe and a homeostatically self-regulating organization that works in interdisciplinary teams made up of trend scouts, industry insiders, visionary thinkers and people with foresight.

We are a collective of curious, explorers, polymaths and multidisciplinar people who bring our extensive experience and intelligence to the resolution of complex problems to make better futures flourish.

We love and promote diversity. Gifted and freak are welcome.

Mónica Quintana

Strategy & Foresight

David Alayón

Innovation & Foresight

Laura Redondo

Finance & Negotiation

Cristian Gajete

Product Design

Lourdes Rodríguez


Javier Montañés

Design & Foresight

Alberto Barreiro


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